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American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language


American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language

American Heritage dictionaries are widely known as the most innovative and informative dictionaries in today's market. This all-new fourth edition of the best-selling classic continues that tradition with its clear and precise definitions, its expert usage guidance, and its wealth of illustrations. Newly updated to reflect our changing language, this revised edition is the most up to date and authoritative dictionary available today.

  • More than a thousand new entries for such terms as e-tailer, zine, bioreserve, chatroom, red car, domestic partner
  • More biographical and geographical entries than any other paperback, thoroughly updated for the new millennium
  • The most lavishly illustrated dictionary on the market--with over 400 images
  • Expert usage guidance based on the American Heritage Usage Panel
  • Regional notes from around the country
  • Hundreds of synonym list, fascinating etymologies, and much more
From Spring Arbor Publishing
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