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Love Not the World


Love Not the World

"Our Father warns against loving the world because He knows that even His own people strongly incline to do just that."

How does one live in the world without being a part of the world? Such a challenge faces Christians of every generation. In Love Not the World, Randy Leedy answers this question directly from scripture.

In order to form a biblical definition of "the world," Leedy examines the concept extensively in both the Old and New Testaments. He says that the source of the world's power is its prince, the Devil, who strives not only to blind unbelievers, but also to seduce Christians with the delights of the world. Leedy shares Scripture verses that can help believers discern the world and its subversive influence. He includes a number of charts that facilitate comparison of all the elements of several passages at once. For issues that scripture does not expressly address, Leedy shares the broader biblical principles governing that believer's relationship to the world.

God has not left us without guidance: Jesus has set an example for us, and our Father has implanted His Spirit within us. Leedy calls believers to follow Christ instead of the world. Spiritual leaders desiring to set a healthy example for their flocks will rejoice to have Love Not the World in their personal libraries.

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